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Company name: BIOFUTURE
Legal form: SAS (simplified joint-stock company)
Share capital: €176,997.00
Contact: Biofuture, 387 route de Croix de Pierre 13770 Venelles, France - contact@biofuture.fr


Website design, development and creation: Monsieurcom.


Any information allowing users to be identified is only for use within the Biofuture company. Biofuture will not disclose this information to third parties for advertising or promotional purposes under any circumstances. However, users are informed that, in accordance with article 27 of the French data protection law of 6 January 1978, any information provided via forms that may be present on the site, such as forms enabling users to provide contact details in order to receive documentation, download brochures or subscribe to services offered by the site, may be used by Biofuture and that users have the right to access and correct this information by writing to: Biofuture, 387 route de Croix de Pierre 13770 Venelles, France, or by email to dpo@biofuture.fr


In France, personal data is protected by law no. 78-87 of 6 January 1978, law no. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, article L. 226-13 of the penal code and the European directive of 24 October 1995.

Use of the site www.quintesens-bio.fr may lead to the following information being collected: the URL of the link via which the user accessed the www.quintesens-bio.fr site, the user’s internet service provider and the user’s internet protocol (IP) address.

Biofuture only ever collects personal information about users for the needs of certain services offered by the www.quintesens-bio.fr site. Users provide this information in full knowledge of what is involved, particularly when they themselves enter the information. Users of the www.quintesens-bio.fr site are told whether or not the information is obligatory.

In accordance with the provisions of articles 38 and thereafter of French data protection law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, all users have the right to access, correct and object to the use of personal data held about them by submitting a written, signed request accompanied by a copy of an identity document with its bearer's signature, specifying the address to which a reply should be sent.

No personal information about users of the www.quintesens-bio.fr site is published without the user’s knowledge, exchanged, transferred, assigned or sold in any medium to third parties. Only the purchase of Biofuture and its rights would entitle the buyer to pass on this information, and the buyer would in turn be bound by the same obligation as to the conservation and modification of the data in relation to users of the www.quintesens-bio.fr site.

The www.quintesens-bio.fr site contains a number of hyperlinks to other sites, inserted with the authorisation of Biofuture. However, Biofuture cannot verify the content of sites visited using these links, and consequently cannot accept any liability for them.

Browsing the www.quintesens-bio.fr site may cause cookies to be installed on the user's device. A cookie is a small file that does not allow the user to be identified, but records information about the device's navigation on the site. The data obtained in this way is designed to make the site easier to use in the future and enable visitor numbers to be measured.

Refusing to allow cookies may make it impossible to access certain services. However, users can configure their device as follows to reject cookies:

Using Internet Explorer: tools (gearwheel icon at the top right) / Internet options. Click Privacy, click Advanced and select Block for all cookies. Confirm with OK.

Using Firefox: at the top right of the browser window, click the menu button and select Settings. Click Privacy & Security.

Select the Custom option. Check the box next to Cookies and open the drop-down menu. Select “All cookies” to block cookies.

Using Safari: Open the Safari menu. Select Preferences. Click Privacy. Select the Block all cookies option. Confirm.

Using Chrome: Click the menu icon at the top right of the browser (represented by three dots). Select Settings. Click Privacy and security. Select Cookies and other site data. Here you can choose to block cookies.

The overall structure, together with the texts, images and sounds, of which this site is composed, are the property of Biofuture and the authors who have published their work online. Any total or partial re-presentation of the site or any of its components by any method without the express permission of the authors is prohibited and would constitute an infringement of intellectual property sanctioned by articles L335-2 and thereafter of the French intellectual property code.

The same applies to databases featured on the site, whose contents are protected by the provisions of the 1 July 1998 law on legal protection for databases. Any total or partial reproduction of trademarks without the express prior permission of the authors is also prohibited.

Finally, the contact cannot be held liable for any hyperlinks that may exist on the website to other sites on the internet. Website users and visitors may not insert hyperlinks to this website without the express prior permission of the contact: marketing@biofuture.fr.


Biofuture and any third parties involved in the creation of this site provide no explicit or implicit warranty and cannot accept any responsibility for the use of this publication. Consequently, they cannot be liable to any user or other party for any direct, indirect, special, specific or incidental damage resulting from the use of this site or any other site linked to by a hyperlink.

Certain information and data available on the www.quintesens-bio.fr site is produced by third parties: Biofuture undertakes to apply its best efforts to ensure this information is reliable, relevant, accurate and exhaustive, but cannot be held liable for any errors or unavailability of the information and/or the presence of viruses on its site. The content of any information provided to Biofuture will be considered to be non-confidential and copyright-free. Unless there is a specific prior agreement to the contrary, Biofuture may freely use the ideas, concepts, knowledge or techniques contained in these communications for any purpose it chooses, without restriction, to reproduce or disclose any information to third parties. The content of the website pages is presented for information only and does not constitute an offer of sale or canvassing with a view to Biofuture offering any specific products or services.


The publication director of this website is Biofuture, 387 route de Croix-de-Pierre, 13770 Venelles, France.

The www.quintesens-bio.fr website is hosted by WVP Serveur. The content of the website pages is presented for information only and does not constitute an offer of sale or canvassing with a view to Biofuture offering any specific products or services.

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